Glamourous band at BATS July 2011 to January 2012

The second half of 2011 saw a bit of a low point for BATS, with the 6 month residence of Glamourous Band, a French Canadian band who spelt their name incorrectly amongst other sins. They were a bit young for this type of gig (mid-20s), and most had never been to Asia before, so not really an ideal band for BATS, and so it turned out. Audiences declined over the period and only started to recover once the strong Australian band Platinum Vibe took over in January 2012.

Glamourous Band 2011

Glamourous Band 2011

They didn’t help themselves by not learning new songs fast enough, and generally not putting in the work to mix with guests between sets, or building a rapport with the crowd when playing. Anyway, they seemed to enjoy their first taste of Asia, including the time-honoured long-term relationships with local girls, and have now reformed as Remix Band, so while not BATS-standard, I’m sure they will find their niche somewhere.

Memorable song: Party Rock Anthem

Rating: 57%